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The Jane Austen Sequel Challenge

There are so many Jane Austen sequels and related books out there nowadays that its almost a gigantic task to try to read them all. While that may be a difficult and time consuming goal the fact is that we can't resist reading every one of them that comes our way.

Recently we decided to list all such books published till now (if you of any that we haven't listed please let us know) and check the one's we read. The problem with such lists is that we always end up adding some to the wish list and TBR pile.

That's how the idea for this challenge came up, it's an ongoing (and possibly eternal) challenge but in the future we plan to read as many of these books that come our way as possible.

Everyone is welcome to join us either by reading them too or just chatting about them. We think it will be fun!

Book List

This is a list of the sequels and related books we've found so far...

Pride & Prejudice

Helen Halstead - A Private Performance
Jan Austen – A Single Man, Good Fortune
Susan Adriani - Affinity and Affection
Pamela Aidan - An Assembly Such as This
Emma Tennant - An Unequal Marriage
C. Allyn Pierson – And This is Your Life
Kara Louise – Assumed Engagement
Elizabeth Newark- Consequence
Skylar Burris - Conviction
Linda Berdoll - Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley
Frances Morgan - Darcy and Elizabeth
Amanda Grange- Darcy's Diary
Regina Jeffers – Darcy’s Dreams
Frances Morgan -Darcy's Pemberley
Janet Aylmer - Darcy's Story
Jane Gillespie -Deborah
Marie Hogstrom - Derbyshire
Ted and Marilyn Bader - Desire and Duty
Pamela Aidan - Duty and Desire
Juliette Shapiro - Excessively Diverted
Debra White Smith - First Impressions
Juliette Shapiro - Fitzwilliam Darcy's Memoirs
Genevieve Rose Wimer - Honour and Humility
Abigail Reynolds - Impulse and Inicitive
Paula Cohen - Jane Austen in Boca
Michael Thomas Ford – Jane Bites Back
Joan Aiken - Lady Catherine's Necklace
Jane Dawkins - Letters from Pemberley
Kate Fenton - Lions and Liquorice
Jane Odiwe - Lydia Bennet's Story
Alexandra Potter - Me and Mr Darcy
Joan Ellen Delman - Miss De Bourgh’s Adventure
Isobel Scott Moffatt – Misstress of Pemberley
Jane Dawkins - More Letters from Pemberley
Sharon Lathan – Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy
Helen Halstead - Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride
Linda Berdoll - Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife
Rebecca Ann Collins - Mr. Darcy's Daughter
Elizabeth Aston - Mr. Darcy's Daughters
Juliette Shapiro - Mr Darcy’s Decision
Maya Slater - Mr. Darcy's Diary
Elizabeth Aston – Mr Darcy’s Dream
Diana Birchall - Mrs. Darcy's Dilemma
Anne Fafoutakis - Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
Rebecca Ann Collins - My Cousin Caroline
Rebecca Ann Collins - Netherfield Park Revisited
Sybil G. Brinton - Old Friends and New Fancies
Kathryn L. Nelson - Pemberley
Anne Hampson - Pemberley Place
Dorothy Alice Bonavia-Hunt - Pemberley Shades
Emma Tennant - Pemberley
Mary Lydon Simonsen - Pemberley Remembered
Jan Austen – Pleasures of Youth
Rebecca Ann Collins - Postscript from Pemberley
Julia Barrett - Presumption
Seth Grahame- Smith – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Carrie Bebris - Pride and Prescience
Melissa Nathan - Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field
Rebecca Ann Collins- Recollections from Rosings
Jane Gillespie - Teverton Hall
Jan Austen – The Arts of Captivation
Linda Berdoll - The Bar Sinister (aka Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife)
Kate Warren - The Bennets
Mary Street - The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy
Elizabeth Aston – The Darcy Connection
Phyllis Furley -The Darcys - Scenes from a Married Life
Marsha Altman – The Darcys and the Bigleys
Sharon Lathan - The Darcys at Year’s End
Lily Adams Beck - The Darcys of Rosings
Marjorie Fasman - The Diary of Henry Fitzwilliam Darcy
Elizabeth Aston - The Exploits and Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy
Rebecca Ann Collins - The Ladies of Longbourn
Abigail Reynolds – The Last man in The World
Carrie Bebris - The Matters at Mansfield
Rebecca Ann Collins - The Pemberley Chronicles
Elizabeth Aston - The Second Mrs. Darcy
Elizabeth Aston - The True Darcy Spirit
Rebecca Ann Collins - The Women of Pemberley
Pamela Aidan - These Three Remain
Norma Gatje-Smith - Trust and Triumph
Kate Fenton – Vanity and Vexation
Ted and Marilyn Bader - Virtue and Vanity
Anne Russell, Arthur Russell - Wedding at Pemberley

Joan Austen-Leigh - A Visit To Highbury
Debra White Smith - Amanda
Brenda Finn - Anna Weston
Jane Gillespie - Aunt Celia
Emma Tennant - Emma In Love
Diana Birchall - In Defense of Mrs. Elton
Joan Aiken - Jane Fairfax
Naomi Royde Smith - Jane Fairfax
Joan Austen-Leigh - Later Days at Highbury
Joan Ellen Delman - Lovers'
Amanda Grange – Mr Knightley’s Diary
Diana Birchall - Mrs. Elton in America
Rachel Billington - Perfect Happiness
Reginald Hill - Poor Emma
Sheila Kaye-Smith and G.B. Stern - Seven Years Later
Diana Birchall - The Courtship of Mrs. Elton
Charlotte Grey - The Journal of Jane

Sense & Sensibility
Imogen Stubbs - A Letter from Mrs. Lucy Ferrars to Mrs. Elinor Ferrars
Jane Gillespie - Brightsea
Emma Tennant - Elinor and Marianne
Joan Aiken - Eliza's Daughter
Mrs. Francis Brown - Margaret Dashwood or Interference
Debra White Smith - Reason and Romance
Carrie Bebris - Suspense and Sensibility
Rosie Rushton - The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love
Julia Barrett - The Third Sister

Amanda Grange – Captain Wentworth’s Diary
Susan Kaye – For You Alone
June Menzies - His Cunning or Hers
Susan Kaye - None but You
Melissa Nathan - Persuading Annie
Debra White Smith - Possibilities
Jane Gillespie - Sir Willy
Karen V. Siplin - Such a Girl
Grania Beckford - Virtues and Vices

Mansfield Park
Debra White Smith - Central Park
Memoir - Gambles and Gambols
Jane Gillespie - Ladysmead
Paula Atchia - Mansfield Letters
Willis Hall - Mansfield Park: A
Dorothy Allen and Ann Owen - Mansfield Park: An Alternative Ending
Joan Aiken - Mansfield Revisited
Victor Gordon - Mrs. Rushworth
G.B. Stern - Seven Years Later
Mrs. Francis Brown - Susan Price or Resolution
Joan Aiken - The Admiral's Lady
Jane Gillespie - The Reluctant Baronet
Joan Aiken - The Youngest Miss Ward
Judith Terry - Version and Diversion

Northanger Abbey
Debra White Smith - Northpointe Chalet
G.B. Stern - Seven BoldYears Later
Jane Gillespie - Uninvited Guests

Lady Susan
Phyllis Ann Karr - Lady Susan

Julia Barrett - Charlotte
Jane Austen and another Lady - Sanditon
Anna Austen Lefroy - Sanditon
Juliette Shapir - Sanditon
Alice Cobbett - Somehow Lengthened

The Watsons
Joan Aiken - Emma Watson
Merryn Williams - The Watsons
John Coates - The Watsons
Jane Austen and another - The Watsons
Edith and Francis Brown - The Watsons
L. Oulton - The Watsons
Mrs. Catherine Hubback - The Younger Sister

Jennifer Scott - After Jane
Shannon Hale - Austenland
Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones's Diary
Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Laurie Viera Rigler – Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
T. H. White - Darkness at Pemberley
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Genius of the Place
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Man of the Cloth
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Spoils of Stoneleigh
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Stillroom Maid
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor
Stephanie Barron - Jane and the Wandering Eye
Sheila Kaye-Smith and G.B. Stern - More about Jane Austen
Helen Ashton - Parson Austen's Daughter
Arielle Eckstut, Dennis Ashton - Pride & Promiscuity
Karen Joy Fowler - The Jane Austen Book Club
Marianne Luban - The Jew of Bath
Jane Gillespie - Truth and Rumour

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